Saturday, April 10, 2010

Is Hankyung Really Leaving Super Junior? Part 2-Interview

I think this is not the same interview for the interview teaser that first came out but apparently this is about Hankyung speaking up about his current condition, what he went through before, and about SM Entertainment.

I'm happy that he's doing great these days. I'm also glad that he's spending more time with his family especially his mom. Honestly, even though I'm such a big fan of Super Junior, I didn't know about the mask incident(s). I'm a Ryeowook die-hard so please understand ㅋㅋ. But, of the 13 of them Hankyung is the one I admire the most because of everything he went through. I know about his visa problems, how hard it was for him to train in Korea away from his family and away from the way of life he was used to, but nobody truly knows how much the boys (all 13 of them) have suffered but themselves and their families. All of Hankyung's sacrifices to make his dreams come true in Korea and China, I'm just amazed how he endured it all. He even had gastritis. I know how painful it is to have gastritis. T_T

The part where he talked about the unfair treatment/contract he had with SME really touched me. He said that he can't really say it's unfair because if it really what you want to do, not everything is going to be fair. It was clear to him that the number of sacrifices he had to make was normal in that line of business. He even said that if not for all those hardships, like wearing a mask while performing just for Super Junior to have a complete appearance on TV, he wouldn't be who he is now. I admire him more because of that statement. Maybe it just finally came to a point that to Hankyung it's enough, the company has crossed the line. Hence, the lawsuit. I'm glad that to his statement I can still sense a feeling of gratitude he has for SME, despite everything. I'm pretty sure it wasn't all nightmares for him when he was in SME.

Everyone is still waiting for the result of the lawsuit. It's sad if Hankyung will really leave. I want Super Junior to be 13 again. But if Hankyung will be happier if he's out of SME, then I think I'll have to accept that. I don't know how I'm gonna do that, it's hard, but if it's going to happen, I can't change the decision of the court. haha! So I think I can eventually accept it. It's hard to see Super Junior lacking one member. I hate seeing them incomplete. Even when it was Kibum, Heechul, or Kangin's case, when they were frequently absent in Super Junior's appearances, it feels like the stage is really incomplete. The carnival is incomplete. But as one said, Super Junior can't stay together forever. One day, they will eventually disband. I'm still living for beacon of hope that Super Junior is going to be 13 forever though. No one can replace any member. As what Donghae recently tweeted, Super Junior + ELF = One 1. ELF, I know, will always support them whatever happens. I just hope the result of the case will be for the good of Hankyung, the remaining Super Junior members, and the fans.

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  1. hye..i'm a big fan of super junior..and i love to see hankyung the most in is a heart break to see him made this decision.i cannot imagine how their chareography without hankyung. He is a good dancer. I'm really sad to see this.Seeing Heechul without Hankyung will make my heart melt..Aigoo.Is there any chance that Hankyung will come back as a part of SUJU? i hope soo..i pray a lot that he will be back as a member of SUJU..