Saturday, April 10, 2010

Super Junior is in the Philippines! Part 1

 (how it feels)

Super Junior is in the Philippines..
and here I am, feeling like the whole world is on my shoulders, problematic because I can't go to their concert tonight. Super Junior arrived yesterday, April 9, 2010, in NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) in Manila.

As I'm writing this (it's currently 5:02 pm, Philippine time), the concert gates are already open for thousands of Filipino ELFs who are attending the last part of Super Show 2. I can't believe I'm sitting here, mourning, trying to find things to make me busy so I can forget about SS2. This is Super Junior's first time to be here in my country and I won't be able to see them. I'm a very big fan. I love them to bits. I can't believe I won't be able to sing Marry U and Shining Star to the boys I really adore. It's one of my dreams to be in one of their concerts and do the famous Marry U chants with my co-ELFS and watch them perform at their best and sing in front of me. I want to see them bow at the end of the concert, LIVE! I want to see them live! But for now, for this Super Show, I just can't..

I found out about the concert last January. Being miles and miles away from Manila, I know, with my meager allowance, I can't save enough money to go to their upcoming concert. But I tried. I knew there's a way if there's a will. But since I'm a very impulse driven person, plus all the expenses I had to give for school stuff, my personal savings went bankrupt. Someone offered me a plane ticket (round-trip) to Manila but it's just impossible that I can accept it without hurting my family. (damn, if only i can be insensitive and ungrateful for one day. but i can't. I can't take putting the ones I love to that much trouble.) With my blogging I earned enough to buy a ticket for the concert but not sufficient for my ticket to Manila and back. My only way to get to the concert was that if I graduated last April 7-8 since I (think) can ask for the plane tickets as a graduation gift. But yeah, I didn't. I didn't finish my thesis and I wasn't able to attend this year's graduation ceremony. So yeah.. It's so sad. So sad.

But last week I had a very wonderful time with my family. My dad only comes home once a year and summer is just the happiest, happiest days of our year. No one can buy that. No concert can top that. Another good news also is that my blog, this blog, reached PR3 yesterday(or 2 days ago I think). Yep. I'm happy. I feel so thankful because of these blessings. But *cries on the floor like a baby* Super Junior.... Ryeowook.. T__T

I don't know when they will come back to the Philippines. I don't even know when they will be together as 13 again. This is a chance of a lifetime and I'm letting it pass. But I still believe that someday, I'm gonna be in their concert again. Maybe in the Philippines or not, but I'm definitely going to a Super Junior concert before I die.

To all ELFs who are in Araneta Coliseum right now, I hope you enjoy the concert.

To Super Junior, THANK YOU for coming to the Philippines. THANK YOU for working so hard for your fans and your families. THANK YOU for being Super Junior.

PS. Ryeowook.. T__T I'll see you someday oppa. Someday..

P.P.S. There will be part 2 of this. I'll post Super Junior's pictures and videos in the Philippines including some pics in the SS2 tonight. If I can get fan accounts from my friends I'll also try to post them here. 


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