Thursday, April 8, 2010

[Life Update] It's Been A While

So many things happened the past month - my dad arrived, bad news about me not graduating, I attended a Summer Retreat, we went to my dad's province for the Holy Week, our yaya left (or should I say was fired. tsk. that means all the housechores will be done by me and my sisters. sigh.).

Since I came back from vacation, I haven't accomplished anything except reformat my laptop and successfully run Windows 7. Finally, I'm using Windows 7 now. Goodbye stupid Vista! Haha! Why did it take a long time for me to switch? It's a long story. My dad loves Vista's environment too much plus he doesn't want to deal with the driver compatibility issues (my laptop's built-in OS when it was bought was Vista, so yeah..)- that's the bottomline.

I'm actually looking at some graduation albums in Facebook right now. Even though I have already accepted the fact that I can't graduate this year, I still can't help but feel sad and jealous of my highschool batchmates who accepted their diplomas today.

I know my time will come but.. Hmm.. It's just hard to explain.

I think I'll just sleep all these worries away for now. I just posted this update to let you know I'm still alive and that I'm back in the blogosphere.. :]

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