Saturday, April 24, 2010

Diet on Summer?

That seems impossible. Summer and Christmas months are my favorite months of the year. But these months are also the months when there are plenty of food in the table so gaining weight is inevitable. My dad comes home during summer so all our postponed birthday and other family celebrations, we spend it all on summer when he's home. It's the only time of the year when we can ask him to buy any food we want to eat so I don't really care about getting fat. Yes, I'm not one of those who go on a diet the whole year just to get a nice bod for their bikinis. It's the only time I can eat as much ice cream and chocolate as I want to for free so might as well take advantage. But now that summer is almost over, I'm starting to worry about my weight again. Maybe my friend's worries about how to lose weight is contagious, or maybe the mirror is really telling the truth that I'm getting fat again.
After last year's Christmas vacation, I managed to get my shape again after one month of diet and exercise. By diet, I don't exactly mean a strict one because I have stomach ulcers so I can't really skip meals or eat lesser than I should. What I do is just skip snacks, have healthy and hearty meals, and the secret - drink green tea and lots of water. I actually like tea and water so much. I think I'm already addicted to tea. I like trying out any tea I see in the grocery. Green tea, they say, can help your body burn calories faster, thus aiding to weight loss when complemented with exercise, so I guess it really worked since people around me said I lost weight after a month. But I stopped my routines because on March we had so many project deadlines to chase and I wasn't getting enough sleep anymore so I also stopped exercising. Then my father came home so my stomach flabs are here again.

Gotta go back to exercising and diet. Maybe I should try new whey too.  My happy days are over and it's time to get fit not only to lose the chubby image but also to have a healthier body. But how thin is healthy? How about Megan Fox as an example? ㅋㅋㅋ

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