Thursday, April 22, 2010


I suddenly miss Yunho, Xiah, Hero, Micky, and Max. I was about to turn off the computer when I saw one of their old videos. Seeing them with those ridiculous hairstyles and baggy outfits, make me remeber how cute and innocent they were back then. I'm not a true blue Cassioppeia but I love DongBangShinKi. They are really talented. My favorite is Xiah Junsu, the cute Junsu. I love his voice. Plus I love the fact that he likes or sometimes called 'dolphin.' I don't really know the story behind this though. 

They became controversial last year because of their lawsuit against SM Entertainment. Micky Yoochun, Hero Jaejoong, and Xiah Junsu, specifically had some issues about their contract with SME. Theirs was dubbed as slave contracts. I can't really remember the details, I don't want to read more about too because I know I'll just be sad. I like them. DBSK, like Super Junior, are also brothers to each other, like family. But it's been a while since they performed as 5 in Korea, it's been awhile since they released and album in Korea or even attend a variety show. I just miss the dorky, cute, and funny DBSK and amidst all the controversies, I hope they will come back someday. I want to see them in variety shows, music shows, and concerts again.

Here's one of their oldest songs, Hug. I love this song. I miss DBSK. >_<

P.S. Did you know that DBSK has the largest fan base in the world? That's how lucky they are. So many Cassiopeias love them. :]


  1. Awe, I miss them too! So stinkin' much. So many memories I've had listening to their songs... Well, at least it's goo to know that they stand up for themselves. I really hope they're all doing well, and still staying in contact. I want to see more of them, even if it's just one or two :-)

  2. i can't stop crying inside cuz today theyre the only group to reach where they did globally not only in s korea but are forgotten sometimes i wish s.korea was like U.S cuz they don't forget to honor great artists whether split. other groups today haven't reached half of their fame even in the early debut of dbsk but are getting all these awards our boys would cry for gratitude. SM is using snsd to do all the things dbsk left behind i mean they are women so theyre more powerful in that way, why not sjunior? and also pushes companies to not let jyj do things and if you seach, they were to be ambassadors and other things but cancelled a day early. these girls do it cuz no one else is there anymore, sjunior is not active either. no groups were there at the 2008-2009 awards but suddently in 2010 snsd and other groups who their albums did less won cuz dbsk wer'nt there. so i wish they didn't leave eachother cuz their seat is being snatched. funny thing is everyone got recognized when they split in 2009 i love all of them but they are mblaq, snsd, shinee, 2pm,2am, brown eyed girls, 4minute, 2ne1, cnblue just everyone without doing all the work dbsk, ss501 bigbang did to get their place but just perform and have fun, vacation. no crazy schedules like dbsk which led them to leave