Saturday, June 19, 2010

[Life Update] Being an Out-of-School Youth and Enjoying It

LOL at the title. Yes, school has officially started a couple of weeks ago which means I am now officially an out-of-school youth. I was supposed to graduate last April but yeah, I have an incomplete subject (my thesis) so it's gonna take another school year or at least one semester for me to finish it. And since the INC expires after one school year, I am not officially enrolled this semester. Hence, I'm an out-of-school youth!

I miss going to school. I miss waking up early, listening to lectures, chatting with my seat-mates during a boring class, cramming, and the allowance of course! lol. I miss my classmates a lot. I don't know when we will ever seat in a class all together again.

These days I'm just staying at home everyday and just go out when I have things to buy or bills to pay. It's quite boring but I have tons of movies on my hard drive now. I guess one true sign that you're a bored homebuddy and an out-of-school youth is that your hard disk is full of movies. It's a perfect time to catch up on good movies that I failed to watch because of school before. I actually have a lot of things on my plans during this not-so-free-from-school time but for now I'm still stuck with movie marathons.Revamping my blog and looking for cheap hosting is part of my list. I've been meaning to learn web development but I don't know I'm not that motivated yet. I also want to go back to learning Korean. Apparently, I stopped my Hangul 101 a few months ago and I'm not that into watching Korean shows or updating myself with the latest Kpop gossip anymore. I must go back to learning Korean before I forget a lot of things I learned before. Exercising and going on a healthier diet is also part of my to-do.

With this much time on hand, I don't even know which things to do everyday. Hahaha! Welcome to the life of an out-of-school youth. I'm enjoying it but I gotta hurry and finish my thesis soon so I'll be able to find a job. i know I'll get tired of this carefree out-of-school life..

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